December 29, 2002 at 11:34 pm | blabbing.

Well we are back from our xmas in Mammoth lakes. We had a great time and the weather held out it seemed just for us. You can check out some pictures on Alanna’s site.

We had alot of fun riding around taking the long way to Mammoth through Tahoe. We just missed having to put on chains the entire time. Although Alanna’s battery died after a couple of days in the hotel parking lot. We got a friendly jump from the local tow truck guy and we were on our way.

Snowboarding was great a little cold and windy on some days but overall it was great. On Christmas the power went out all over Mammoth and we went to Breakfast at a great place called “The Stove”. After that we went up to the moutain and found out that the power was out up there too. The great part was that they were running all the lifts on generators, but they decided to let everybody ski for free because all their computers were out. Sweeeeetttt…..

The food around Mammoth is kinda weird many places the food was kinda bland.. but lucky for us there was a great place right across the street from our hotel called “Angels” you can check out Alanna’s journal for a description of the food that we found.

Well here we are back to work and ready for a new year. Tomorrow I can to quiz everybody about the booty that they got for the holidays.