December 26, 2004 at 6:40 pm | blabbing.

We got up around 9am and got all our stuff together and went to the Pork Store for some breakfast, then jumped into the car for the trip down to Pacific Grove. We stopped in Percadero for Alanna to show me the nice house that she likes (wonderful property with a garden and house against the hill), then back on the road again.

We got into PG and checked to see if the gallery where Alanna has some art was open, then onto the B&B. We walked around PG and Monterey for a while and then went to dinner at Passionfish. A nice meal. We had more drinks at The Old Bath House and everybody seemed to know Alanna. We walked some more and drank some more and talked all the time. It was a great night. The moon was out and the ocean loooked beautiful.

We woke up around 9am on Christmas, went down for some breakfast and had a nice plate of goodies in the garden. We opened presents and fawned over them for a while as I read from the French Laundry Cookbook that Alanna got me.

We walked around the ocean and then back to the B&B for a little nap before our dinner. We were a little awake on coffee so we walked around down by the beach before dinner than arrived at the restaurant (The Old Bath House).

A nice glass of sparkling wine before dinner set the mood of the evening. Dinner was wonderful with excellent service and such a great atmosphere that not even the lame ass people at the table next to us could ruin it for us. Alanna had the Mushroom and I had the Filet and Lobster. A great place to be with great people serving you. What more could you ask?

More walking, more ocean more moonlight.

We drove back in a light rain up the coast. Stopping to pick up a pumpkin which later was turned into so many tortellinis that my brain was swimming.