November 3, 2004 at 4:06 pm | blabbing.

I had hoped that this election would renew my basic faith that people are smarter than I think they are. I guess I was wrong on that account.

When you live in a country where an administration can lie (uniter not divider, I’ve never met Ken Lay, Saddam Hussien was part of 9/11, yellow cake, weapons of mass destruction, programs of mass destruction, there is no global warming), steal (energy task force, war contracts, oil), subvert (U.N., 50 years of allied co-operation) and spy (Patriot Act) on its own citizens and then have the news media say nothing and have more than half of that population give them another 4 years in which to do even more is just over the top.

Goebbels is applauding from his grave.

I’m just about done folks. Over and out.