April 16, 2003 at 10:37 pm | blabbing.

Went to see Verbena last night at Slims in SF. It looked to be a light show with not a lot of people showing up for the show. The first band Jet was from australia and sounded like it too. Big tip for these guys that there is already a band that sounds exactly like AC/DC.

Next up was “On the Speakers” which looks to be the next project from the former frontman of “Creeper Lagoon”. An all around fun band with nice hooky songs, I’ll probable follow their progress and see what their EP sounds like in a few months.

What I was not prepared for was “Verbena”. Now Alanna and I own their records and she had been quick to tell me how cool they are. Upon listening to the records you are just unprepared for how unhuman the show really is. Now I’m not talking circus freak kinda stuff, I’m talking about the immense sound that comes from such an unassuming 3 piece. They will not be crowned pretty, they will not be played on the WB (like I believe On the Speakers is destined for) they will not be witty and coy. They are dangerous in the pure rock-n-roll sense. They are loud, vicious and sexy, with the raw power to make you shake your head and wonder “how the fuck is he making those sounds”?