January 2, 2006 at 6:38 am | music.

Making tapes of your music is kinda like putting all sorts of little children out into the world. Well Truman Capote said putting out a book was more like taking a child out into the backyard and shooting it but, potato potatoe whatever.

Got a great email from someone who auditioned to be a bass player in my band years ago and still had the tape. I’m not sure I even have one of those tapes anymore!? My old band “Velveteen Candy” played in SF in various forms between around 1995 to about 1997. In the strange interest of history here is a list of some of the people that played and links to songs. This should keep the band stuff circulating on the web for a few years. Thanks for the email Fred.

  • Tom Risse – Vocals and guitar
  • Dave White – Drums
  • Chris Cloward – Bass on 4-Track demos
  • Nick Cavander – Some bass on early studio tracks (Frontman of Oxygen)
  • Al Day – Bass on all live tracks