March 6, 2004 at 8:31 pm | music.

OK, so here is my latest update to my MP3 player. This is such an improvement on my last version why don’t we forget that I even posted a version before this.

Improvements that I made in this version.
All tags are read from the id3 tags inside of the MP3. (This will be kind of buggy until I can change all the tags in the songs to be id3 version 1.1, which Flash can read)
Super Cool volume slider.
Song position and duration information taken directly from the MP3 file.
Cool play and pause buttons which call a function(); based on what song is in the song chooser.
A super cool song chooser which is fairly simply made.

Next steps:
Fix next and previous bug with song chooser.
More player to MX 2004 so I can get better id3 tag support.
clickable Progress Bar?
load song names and URL from a separate file or SWF
Set MP3s to stream so they start playing faster.