November 27, 2003 at 1:15 pm | blabbing.

After some fun cooking and baking last night with Alanna we have a whole mess of stuffing and cranberries, and a very sporty apple pie as well as a turkey that is cooling off as I write this.

We got up early, cleaned off the bird, wrapped it in bacon and stuffed it in the oven. Then I promptly went back to sleep for another hour. 😉

After watching a little bit of the parades that are on TV I am convinced that they are getting more and more surreal every year. It could have something to do wit the fact that we have the sound down and are listening to the CD player while they are on. But as soon as they start the choreographed John Stamos singing and dancing routines right in the middle of the parade I think they lost me.

Some of the floats were old stand-bys but some were new, like the Cheesasaurus ballon made by craft. I think maybe other companies that would not normally get into the Thanksgiving parade should be given a chance. Like maybe the Depends Adult diaper ballon. Or the Viagra penis float. Maybe the Olestra Colon blow ballon and marching band. Trojan condom ballon??

We are almost set to head over to Liz’s for a nice day.

Happy Face Stuffing Day to Everybody.