April 30, 2005 at 12:45 pm | blabbing.

If you were thinking about running out and getting the new MAC OS “tiger” here is some wisdom for you. Don’t!… No really. Even though I am writing this on the new OS I would caution anyone who does not like to gamble to wait at least a couple of weeks.

Although the OS takes about 30-40 minutes to install problems did not come in until it was done and was re-booting. That’s when it booted up right into the “Reboot your computer” screen. I guess this is the MAC equivilent to the blue screen of death. It booted up into this screen a total of 4 times, before we unplugged the Firewire drive that I have attached and it finally booted. Since that last major release of the OS had all sorts of FireWire problems, you would think that they would be looking out for something like this. Evidently not.

Here I am waiting for the “Spotlight” feature to finish its indexing so that I can try it out, and just wondering how long it will take before Apple releases some sort of patch, just like they had to last time, for all the nice people with outboard Firewire drives so that they can plug them back in again.

At least all my programs work.