May 19, 2003 at 8:02 pm | blabbing.

The view from the left – In response to right wing yapping about democrats.
In Order to be a real right wing conservative you have to believe:

1. Aids is spread by gods fury against the wicked and we should let them die. Unless we can make a buck by keeping them alive longer.

2. Promoting religion in schools is good and verbatim regurgitation is the only way to measure learning.

3. There are no global temperature changes. All the scientist are filthy lying liberal, Star Trek, hippies.

4. God says that we should kill, God says that we should not kill, but either way we know exactly what god wants and you don’t.

5. Businesses are benevolent institutions for the betterment of mankind they are not there for the profits.(Like Standard oil and Carnegie steel, Philip Morris and Enron ) and big governments are dishonest mean spirited and create oppressive laws. (Like abolitionism, desegregation, The New Deal and the Clean Air Act)

6. Pot smoking, organic vegetable growing, sweatshop free shoe wearing hippies don’t care about the environment but designer suited Conagra and Tyson foods executives do.

7. We should implement all our foreign policy decisions to appease our military and corporate funders. To protect our bank accounts from their looting.

8. Our education and infrastructure budgets are too high, but our funding for religious programs are too low.

9. Science books that teach evolution should be banned, but saying of the lords prayer in homeroom should not be.

10. Millions of illegal aliens are bad for our economy, but my Guatemalan housekeeper is the best at getting out those nasty stains.