February 1, 2007 at 10:58 am | blabbing.

I got my temporary cast off this week and I was hoping that they would just put me in a splint and send me on my way, but that was not to be.

As soon as he cut off the old cast I could see that I was going right into a hard cast. The first thing I noticed was that I have a 6 inch scar down my arm where there opened me up and it still had some healing to do.

When they put my arm under the fluoroscope I was amazed at the size of the hardware in my arm. I was expecting to see small pieces of metal maybe. What I saw was scary. I have huge plates and screws in my forearm. I mean, I’m glad they did it and all but damn, it looks like they took the hardware from the miscellaneous drawer of my dads ancient metal toolbox.

They did give me a cool black cast though. So now I look like a bad ass gimp.