August 6, 2005 at 7:42 pm | music.

Had a great time at the Teenage Fanclub show at Bimbos. Probable one of the best places to see a band in the city. These guys just amaze me which how many great songs they have. When you say “I’m going to see Teenage Fanclub” to some people, they say “Are those guys still around?”. Still around? Still around? They have been making great record after great record for more than a decade while a lot of bands can barely get there heads out of their ass.

Here is a list in case you have been in a cave:

  • A Catholic Education (1990)
  • Bandwagonesque (1991)
  • Thirteen (1993)
  • Grand Prix (1995)
  • Song from Northern Britain (1997)
  • Howdy (2002)
  • Man Made (2005)

Any of these records would have been a great record by any band. But put them all together and you get a body of work that I will be listening to for a long time.