October 2, 2012 at 9:23 am | blabbing.

A quick and easy way to sync a site you are working on between machines is to setup the site in the Dropbox folder on your machine. If you don’t have Dropbox, go and sign up because its a very handy piece of software for keeping files in sync as well as collaborating with others on music or whatever.

If you have a working site in your /Users/Name/Sites/ folder move that same folder (don’t copy) to your Dropbox folder on your machine.

In Terminal type the following to setup your Symlink between the folder in Dropbox and a folder in the sites folder.


One last thing is to make sure that the persmission of your Dropbox folder on your machine is set to 755. You can do this in Terminal or by hitting Command+I on the folder.

Now your are ready to work on the folder no matter what machine you are on.