January 6, 2021 at 8:25 pm | blabbing, Design, web.

You know that feeling when you get to a site and there isn’t much there and then you start to scroll and POW everything comes flying into the page in all directions. Yeah. Stop doing that.

  1. This is a waste of your developers time. Having to animate pieces or add animation libraries and classes to every little picture and text combo on your site and then browser test only to have someone change the copy and image and wonder why things don’t look right or animate in the same way is a huge time suck on developers and your sites content creators.
  2. This is actively hostile to your users and UX in general. Too many things moving on a page immediately makes me want to leave. It’s hard to understand hierarchy and readability when things are moving. Things moving usually means that they are terrible for screen readers.
  3. This is a huge speed penalty to your site. The additional code needed in classes, libraries, and absolutely positioned elements with docReady JS classes means that your page is penalized for using this stuff so make it count and use it sparingly.

Save your animation for helping people understand concepts and ideas that are hard to explain with words. Small animations that lead the way for users expected next behavior. Don’t animate everything.

Just stop. It doesn’t look cool.