July 14, 2008 at 10:42 am | blabbing.

I have been on Jury Duty for the past couple of weeks but this morning that all came to an end. I was ushered into court by myself in front of the lawyers and asked, on the court record, if I was in fact blogging about this trial. Oops. While there is a stipulation that you not talk about the trial or form an opinion about the trial, I was under the mistaken impression that nobody but my family or friends read my blog and that since I wasn’t discussing the case or people in detail that I was being on the up and up. Boy was I wrong.

So I’m putting out a big “I’m sorry” to the lawyers, the judge and especially the court reporters in the case for any added stress I may have caused or for generally being an asshole with comments that were undignified. I think getting stuck in a room full of people for a couple of weeks and not being able to talk to anyone, even the people in the room with you, in any meaningful way about what is going on just kinda makes people go a little stir crazy. I guess it also doesn’t help if you have a quick and easy medium (blogging) to just blab on and on, thinking that no one is really paying attention.

Out of respect for the proceedings, I have taken down all post related to this until the trial is over.