June 12, 2005 at 11:38 pm | blabbing.

I spent the weekend writing a little song for alanna while she is in France. I don’t even know if she can hear it. I spent some time during the week getting parts together and then did most of the recording today.

I found the recording a little difficult, because although I went to the studio to get a XLR cable to go from the mic to the pre-amp, I fotgot to bring a mic stand home from the studio. Which means I had to prop up the mic between the couch coushions. High tech baby all the way.

Besides the basic and obvious problems involved with trying to record yourself, I of course had the noise and traffic from the Haight St. Faire to content with. These are just basic mixes that I wanted to get up. I hope Alanna will be able to hear them. I might have to make a care package with a CD for her.

Where are you tonight?