April 1, 2008 at 4:25 pm | blabbing.

Monty PythonsMy family has a way of solving problems that is… well unique. At first there are arguments, then the arguments are diffused with humor then the humor passes into absurdity and then finally into sketch comedy.

Fictional Example that is not far off:
Sibling 1: “I can’t believe you would say such a thing! Are you some sort of fascist?”
Sibling 2: “It’s my opinion, it’s not like I march up and down the driveway in black boots!”
Sibling 3: “Besides its spring he can’t wear his black boots in the spring, what would the neighbors say?”
Sibling 4: “They would call the black boot police on him. ”
Sibling 1: imitating Black boot police “The party of the first part did willingly commit acts of gross shoe negligence on and about the premises of his driveway, with special exception toward blandishing his notoriously snappy footwear!”
Sibling 3: with announcer voice “The entire neighborhood of upper Chestnut Street was in a uproar earlier this evening when one of there own was seen with what neighbors are calling ‘Exceptionally Dressy footwear’. Police have surrounded the house and are calling in a podiatrist second class to assess the situation.”
Sibling 4: neighbor voice “This used to be such a nice neighborhood”