May 23, 2007 at 10:44 pm | blabbing.

I never thought I would run into software activation problems with such a big company, but I guess that is the way it goes.

I recently bought an upgrade to my Reason 2.0 software. Reason is made by Properllerhead which I thought was one of the most computer savy and with it software makers to make audio software. But I guess I was wrong.

What I ran into was this. If you buy an upgrade you need to verify the software. In order to verify the software you have to have an account. If you do not get the verification email from Propellerhead you are SOL until you hear from them.

Their entire software platform is dependent upon their email servers receiving and answering “Verification” email. Talk about the weakest link the chain. If this is not an automatic process, they are seriously more fucked than I thought.

So here I sit. I have paid Propellerhead $600 for software and upgrades that will not work simply because their email servers are down. Does that sound right?

And how about this. In order to see the forums, to maybe try and find some help, you need what? That’s right “Account Activation”!!!

A nice kicker to this is that after hours of waiting for the activation email, when it come and I am able to try and register my previous product so that my new upgrade will work, I am unable to register my old product because it informs me that someone else has my serial number. SWEET!!!

My box of Reason has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust for years, and I thought it was a waste of money. The minute I think maybe I should use it and buy an upgrade, I am faced with the exact “Reason” i probable stopped using it to begin with.


Well it turns out that its “User Error“. Propellerhead sent me a nice email informing me that I actually have registered my product back in 2002 under a different user name. I have since moved all my computer stuff over to a MAC so I have no record of my registration or any emails from Propellerhead. Although this does not change the fact that it took them a few hours to get me an account activation to find any of this out