September 23, 2005 at 4:08 pm | blabbing.

Someone has once again smashed my motorcycle and this time they really did a great job of it. I came out last night from work to find my motorcycle totally fucked up. Evidently (from witnesses) the delivery guy at the DNA lounge smashed my bike and ran over the front wheel. This basicly smushed my front disc brake making it unable to even be pushed. This also smushed my front brake and clutche levers. They looked like pretzels.

I came to work today and had to have it towed over to KC Engineering down on Howard St. Another nice slap in the face was already having a parking ticket attached to it once I got to it this morning. It was very strange that I just happened to have a $50 dollar bill in my pocket, I was wondering all week how I was going to break it. Well, the tow saved me the trouble, because it was exactly $50. I think from now on when I get large currency I will be a little suspicious that the universe is setting me up for some reason to use it.