May 29, 2007 at 10:13 pm | blabbing.

I noticed this news story about Microsofts “Revolutionary” touch screen called “Surface”.

The only problem being that it is in fact old technology. Hell the Apple iPhone will be out in an actual product in a few weeks using a technology that Microsoft can barely get out of the lab.

How about this use from a few years ago
Here is the presentation of the technology by Jeff Han last year in February at the TED conference.

How about this one using Linux

How about a nice comparison of Vista vs. UBUNTU BERYL

I often get mad and these pathetic puff pieces because the people writing them, if they actually wrote them, missed the most obvious stuff in sourcing the story. I mean they write about technology for a living! Could they miss the fact that this is not Microsoft’s idea at all. In fact, its a crappy half assed version of an idea from PHd students at a University. This is all the big gorilla can make? A lame ass coffee table?

I don’t write technology pieces and I was able to go too YouTube and type in “Multi Touch” and find all these references that looked better than Microsoft’s “revolutionary” lightable. Not to mention the fact that in 2 weeks Apple will come out with an actual working product.

Maybe I should have a section of my blog titled angry technology ramblings. I think that would fit better.

At Least did a little bit of digging

Check out this funny video by Sarcastic Gamer