May 25, 2007 at 10:42 am | blabbing.

From what I have seen, Adobe doesn’t have much to worry about with Silverlight.

As is typical with MS products these days, they bring them out to early and with all the fanfare of an tarted up over age hooker at a McDonalds birthday party. Same pig, different lipstick.

I found some of the Mix demos kinda funny in that weeks later Microsoft announced that it bought the company “Avenue A Razorfish” (Aquantive) that did all the demos for them. I guess if you are worried about people adopting your new platform buy a company in the industry and make them use it. Worked for there game platform didn’t it? They will have no problem with people having the runtime because they will use Windows Update to make sure everyone has it, while making it harder for the Flash plugin to work. Anti-Trust problems anybody?

This is Microsofts answer to Flash. This is Flash for their Visual Studio developer crowd. They have a base of developers that were feeling a little left out in the cold by Flash and Ajax and this is their answer. Most of the articles that I have looked at talk to VS developers who are very excited about being able to re-use their coding skills to do Ajax and Flash type stuff. They are not really talking to Flash developers about it. We’ll see how it all plays out.

Name me one successful MS product launch in the last 5 years besides the Xbox? Zune? Windows Live? Vista? Some people think this is just a Fire and Motion strategy by MS to keep the ground moving under peoples feet.

If you really think about it, an 800lb gorilla will collapse under its own weight.

Apollo is Adobe’s Flash based knock off/competitor to the .NET Framework while Silverlight is Microsoft’s .NET Framework based knock off/competitor to the Flash platform.

Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life