May 7, 2004 at 2:03 pm | blabbing.

OK, so I was all excited to use Pro Tools cause I thought it would solve all my project studio problems, and guess what, it didn’t.

While the overall interface of Pro Tools is easy to use and understand it has some serious problems. The biggest problem is that there is a slight delay when recording audio tracks along with other tracks and midi that are in the project, and this is a know issue in Pro Tools.

To lessen this problem in the product they say to cut down on the HW buffer size, but in doing so you lessen your ability to play back projects with multiple audio and plugin based tracks. So the trade off is if you want it to work right you should not use it to much.

Right here this is a deal breaker for me. I’m not even sure how they can put this out on the market as a viable product with this kind of problem. I don’t care if the higher end versions of your product don’t have this problem, it is not OK to put out this kind of product and then tell customers that if they bought the more expensive version it will do what they say it will.

So once again back to my dilemma. Should I use a product that has an interface that I don’t understand but that works, or do I use an interface that is exactly what I expect but that does not work even as good as a PC based product.

This is turning into a serious money pit.