July 2, 2007 at 1:22 pm | blabbing.

It’s funny how you go to start something and you end up spending so much time doing something else entirely. I had to do some wireframes for a client (Wireframes are just basic layout and functionality diagrams before you actually design something) and I realized that I was having problems with my version of Office 2003, well not all of Office, just PowerPoint.

PowerPoint was not showing graphics and images in its “Normal” view mode. In this view you can see a large section of the stage where you do your layout work and you can also we a slide view on the left hand side. I could see the graphics and images in the small slide view on the left hand side, but I couldn’t see some of them in the large stage section. I would normally just reinstall Office and that would be the end of it, but that just started my problems.

When I tried to “Repair / reinstall” Office 2003 but the utility errored out with a missing CAB file “ZF561407.cab”. After some digging I found out that this missing .cab file was because when they installed Office from the OEM copy at HP or Dell or however, they were installing from a different version than the one they gave me the disc for. Nice.

To fix this problem I had to uninstall Office 2003 completely. Once this was done I had to re-install from the disc that came with my machine. After a bit of waiting I was up and running again. But this did not solve my problem of images in PowerPoint it just solved my ability to reinstall Office 2003. My image problem was still there.

Acting on a whim I decided to look at all the plugins that make their way into PowerPoint. Like Acrobat, SnagIt and in my case FlashPaper. Once I uninstalled Adobe Flashpaper, my PowerPoint was back to normal and then I could start to do my actual work.

This kind of weirdness takes up so much of my time that it is ridiculous.