January 6, 2003 at 11:10 pm | blabbing.

It seems all the weird little stories that I have been reading have something to do with Portland. Just got back from
a nice trip to see my friend Jon this weekend for his birthday and everytime I turn around now there is something to do
with Portland. The Philips Screwdriver was invented in Portland, Ray Dolby of Dolby labs is from Portland.

Just as I’m about to get on my plane to come back to SF I walk into the Portland airport and some lady almost grabs
me and asks if I live in Portland and then points to Mt Hood which is outside the city and ask what the hell it is. She said
it looked like a travel poster or a mirage from further away. In some ways she is right it looks strangely out of place around that city and I wonder what it would have looked like years back when, it’s twin, Mt. St. Helens still had it’s top half.