Linux at Walmart

December 5, 2002 at 9:18 pm | blabbing.

I’m really glad to see that the cheap Linux machine that Walmart is selling is doing good


December 4, 2002 at 9:08 pm | blabbing.

Perfection of means and confusion of goals seem- in my opinion – to characterize our age
Albert Einstein

And there was much turkey….

at 9:08 pm | blabbing.

Got back from our trip to the east coast for Thanksgiving. Not that much hastle with planes or bags or cars or anything, the travel worked out nicely. Alanna and I decided to stay around Washington instead of going up to NY for a couple of days.

Here are some pictures on Alanna’s site of our time around the house and in downtown Washington.

And there was much turkey….

November 26, 2002 at 8:51 pm | blabbing.

OK all packed and ready to go. Got some geek mags for the trip but already started to look through them. Trying to avoid having to check any baggage so I stuff my brothers comforter that I’m supposed to bring to him into my backpack. Kinda surprised it fit. Also stuck a nice bottle of wine that I am bringing back into my suitcase. Hope that doesn’t break, that would be a bummer.

Turkey Yum…

Office Party

at 4:06 pm | blabbing.

Well our office party to celebrate our new space went off great. Lots of people that we had not seen in a couple years and lots of food and drink. I think next time we may start the party a little later.

I’m off to head home for the holidays tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will not be a crazy time trying to get to the east coast on the day before Thanksgiving.. (Yeah Right)

yoga fun

November 20, 2002 at 12:11 am | blabbing.

The clock is ticking down to our office party for our new space. The last few things are coming together. The big two are the food and the booze. If your going to ask people to come all the way out you’d better have some booze around to keep things lively.

Time is also growing short for my visit back home for Thanksgiving. I leave in just a week for my first trip home for the holidays ever. I think there are going to be a lot of family around too. Should be a fun shindig.

After my second yoga class yesterday I wasn’t as sore as last week and I think I am getting the hang of this. We have to find another local place to go though as the place we went to has changed their monday night class to a class that is not as fun. Not like it’s to much effort but more like I felt like it was a combination of yoga and square dancing.

“Bow and touch the block, then bow to your partners and we’re all in the chair pose. She’s now a tree, he’s now a tree and now it’s time for the triangle pose. Up dog, down dog, here’s a dog, there’s a dog everywhere a dog dog and now it’s time to breath” ( A little to hectic for me thanks )

First time yoga

November 13, 2002 at 7:56 pm | blabbing.

Went to my first Yoga class the other day and boy is my Aura tired… Had a fun time in my first yoga class. It was probable the most that my body got worked in about a year or so. I think I will make a regular monday night out of it. It’s wednesday and my back is still a little sore.

Got the huge white boards up in the new office. They look super fine. Now it’s on to other stuff that needs to get done around the office before the party.

The rain makes people crazy

November 11, 2002 at 9:57 pm | blabbing.

Well got the rain to stop coming through the roof at work, now all we have to worry about is the big water stain on the carpet. Hmmm are we going to be ready for our party in a couple of weeks????

Sold my Marshall 100w half stack amp to a nice guy who will play it real loud as it should be played. A little less than what I wanted to sell it for but at least it’s going to a good home. Now all I have to do is get rid of my acoustic and I can start lookin for the super nice Taylor acoustic that I have been foaming at the mouth over.

Office Pool

November 7, 2002 at 8:58 pm | blabbing.

Came in this morning to find that the rain from last night has shorted out our new alarm system at the new office space, because of a leak in the roof. Thanks to Paul for coming by the office when he got the alarm call and staying until like 4am emptying buckets of water that could have taken out our new phone system as well. We have some more rain due tonight so we are all crossing our fingers that all we be ok.

The office is a wreck with wood that we need to attach our massive white boards to the old brick walls and wet carpet along with a dehumidifier. All computers and phone are good.. Wheeeewwww