June 24, 2003 at 10:15 pm | blabbing.

Just got back from a Flash/Macromedia users group meeting where we talked about the new FireFly components for Flash. Once again the concensus was that Macromedia had picked up the right arrow but shot it at the wrong target.

FireFly components are drag and drop components for Flash that let you talk with a backend database without writing a single piece of code. While on the surface this would seem a good idea, it would also be a good idea that in order to do this you were not tied to the Macromedia Cold Fusion platform.

The great idea that is Flash is slowly running down deadends as Macromedia over and over looks for revenue streams where it should be fostering good will and a commmunity.

How about giving away these little magic beans instead of charging for them? Maybe people would be more inclined to build applications? How about opening up the connector protocol so that people can write connectors in Perl, PHP, JSP, ASP, and yes better ones in Cold Fusion. If you want adoption you have to give something to the professional developers, not make it so house wives in Delaware can build dynamic rich applications without knowing anything about Flash as long as they have a cold fusion server.

Macromedia is once again building products and then trying to figure out who the user base is.

Weekend at Torodel

June 22, 2003 at 11:57 pm | blabbing.

What can I say. Another peaceful, zen like weekend at Torodel. If I were to go into detail it would be turn into a novella, but any good weekend should be like that anyway. 😉

Miller goes over to the Moonies

at 8:37 pm | blabbing.

I once thought Dennis Miller was funny. I bought his books, laughed at his shows thought him witty and esoteric with bizarre historical references that seemed just enough off base to make it strange funny and not just haha funny.

Since 9/11 the things that I have heard come out of his mouth have become hateful and full of venom towards other countries, religions and every politician, as long as they are on the left. Gone are the references, now it’s just the hate filled barbs, he almost looks like he is spitting.

I guess it is no suprise that Dennis has signed on to go work over at Fox news. “You have learned much young Jedi, now it is time to complete your training”.

at 12:58 am | blabbing.

Things are getting a little more clear the more that I screw around with and update parts of my Radio site. There are som serious short comings to working in Radio (Super crazy Macro happy templates with no documentation, updating main template so that archive pages get new theme also changes desktop application template, categories are nightmare from hell etc..) but at least things are lookin a little better. Somehow have to get subfolders workin with the new template. hmmmmm

June 17, 2003 at 1:06 am | blabbing.

For anyone who is following the SCO-v-IBM technodrama this is a great resource for a bit of opensource and Unix history.. Old school baby.

OK, so things are

June 15, 2003 at 10:46 pm | blabbing.

OK, so things are going to look a little messy around here until I get the new template up and running in Radio.


at 7:27 pm | blabbing.

So I haven’t written in my blog for a little while cause I have been working a little much and also have been trying to move my blog over to Movabletype.

Well first off I should say that I have almost given up on moving my blog over. Even though I came up with a design it was such a hastle to implement that I almost stopped. The nail in the coffin of that migration seems to be the pain the ass of the import into movabletype. (And the templates for all the shit)

Other things that are up with me are the much anticipated trip to Torodel, the magical Morgan Hill ranch, next weekend. I think I may even ride my motorcycle down there on friday, should be a great ride.

June 2, 2003 at 9:54 pm | blabbing.

Well looks like it was a quick sale to get rid of some of my items, but I think it will take a little longer for others.

It’s June

at 12:10 am | blabbing.

Another nice weekend around SF. A little bit of Bar-B-Quein a little bit of picture taking and signing up for darkroom time at the SF Photo center. That’s right kids, I’m back on the B&W photography kick. Dipped my foot in digital photo stuff for a little bit and didn’t dig the prints. The photos may be a little more free and fun but when it comes time to look at them, you can only look at them on the computer or else they look like arse.

I am also selling some old stuff that I have around the house to pay for other stuff that I would like to get.

1970 Marshall Cabinet
1978 Gibson J-40 Acoustic[SOLD]
SansAmp psa-1 rack mount pre-amp[SOLD]

Want to buy:
28-70 zoom for Contax camer
Voigtlander Bessa-R rangefinder camera
Film and paper

Seems like an even list.