October 29, 2007 at 7:11 pm | blabbing.

I had to write a little post about the difference in online stores, because of the experience I have had in the past week.

Last tuesday I placed an order with Swissarmy.com for a new watch band for my nice watch. I won’t even go into how unhelpful their website and customer service were before I placed my order because that is a whole post in itself and I wanted to wait the whole thing out and then write about it. After placing my order I got a order receipt from them the same day telling me that they got my order, but no emails from them since. Nothing, nada, no shippo.

I placed an order for my new MacPro this morning and I got my order acknowledgment and by the end of the day I got an email telling me that my entire system had already been shipped. Same day.

I’m not a genius about these things but I really thought that it would be much harder to put together and ship a huge custom configured desktop computer than it would to put a watch band in a box.

While the watch band is significantly less than the computer both of them rely on the same order tracking and fulfillment backoffice that is the lifes blood of online commerce.

If your going to spend all that money to have an online store, doesn’t it make sense that you would want to sell stuff? If they manage the online store themselves than they need to take a real hard look at what they are putting their money into, and if someone is managing it for them, than they really need to understand how bad service, no matter who is running it, can really affect how people look at their brand.

If your gonna do it, make sure it makes your brand look good, or else just don’t do it. It makes you look cheap and half assed. I would expect this from Swatch or Fossil or a ton of other schlocky watches, but I was not expecting this from SwissArmy, and I guess I view them as just another schlocky watch company now.

Maybe more people should listen to Joel on this one