November 28, 2003 at 8:28 pm | blabbing.

I was playing around with hooking up a new tape deck to my audio workstation at home because I am right in the middle of making some MP3’s out of an old Lily Tomlin tape for my sis when I found an old tape of ancient live band stuff.

ooooohhhhh man this is old music from a band that was called Velveteen Candy. It was recorded live in our rehersal space a long time ago and some of these recordings are the only recorded version of these songs.

It’s good that I have these and made them into MP3’s because I will be putting together an audio section to my site where I can put all the crazy audio stuff that I have been doing. I even have tapes from the band I was in when I was 19. I have also kept track of all the demo songs that I have written over the years on a portable cassettte player. I have tapes going back to 1990. Those have got to be some scary tapes.