January 13, 2003 at 7:11 pm | blabbing.

Upon hearing of the http://www.savekaryn.com website I wanted to retch. Here is a woman under 30 making 100k a year who suddenly finds that she is out of work after having spent most of what she had on an expensive apartment and $500 purses. So what does she do begs for money the internet way. Surprise surprise people actually gave her money…. For what? She has done nothing to deserve anything. Oh the sheer humanity of seeing a rich young white girl faced with having to declare bankruptcy has turned people away from the needy, the Homeless, the deformed, the sightless into giving money to a twentysomething New Yorker who cannot pay her credit card bill.

Contrast this with http://www.oddtodd.com/ . Here is a laid off person who is being creative while at the same time asking for money. He is not conditioning whether you get to see his creativity on whether you give him money he is distilling the spirit of being laid off after the boom into biting cartoon snippets about money, love, boredom and the magic of doing nothing. He didn’t make alot of money before he was laid off, he will probable not make alot of money after he is working again.

Apparently someone thinks karyn is retarded too. [Link]