July 3, 2007 at 3:21 pm | blabbing.

Alanna has decided to do a 75 mile walk from SF to Morgan Hill and while I think she is just a bit loopy, I support her 100,000 million percent. Part of this walk is for her research on rituals and part of it seems to be a kind of ritual cleansing in itself for our wedding next year.

While she knows that I do not need any rituals or sacrifices or gifts in preparation for our marriage, I cannot deny her anything that she believes will help her or us for our impending nuptials. (I like that word nup·tial)

I am pretty excited about being married to her. I can’t wait to say things like “This is my wife” or “My wife has the ______”. While we already share an apartment, a car and joint bank accounts along with just about everything else in life, I am happy to go on collecting milestones together along our path. As long as I get to hang out with her the rest is just gravy.