March 2, 2003 at 10:01 pm | blabbing.

Day starts with movies over at ATA. A lame movie about a struggling punk band called “Range Life”. (Dir. Robert Trondson) While the movie looked good on film, it was sorely lacking in script and plot. Who has ever heard of a punk band, touring and putting out their own records that is not DIY? Major wholes. Yawn…. The next couple of shorts from Norway were great.(Gunnar Knutsen) 1-2-3- Forever and City City Bang Bang are great little twisted bits of fun.

The Pixies ( Gouge ) movie was great. Although what I realized later was that the entire movie does not contain one interview with Kim Deal… This seemed strange since out of all of them she came out of that band and actually did great stuff post-pixies. Not to say that Frank Black wasn’t great but “Pod” goes in my CD player alot more than “Los Angeles”.

Back at Bimbos for another night of fun. Colexico, Nicolai Dunger, Firecracker, Fujimoto. I liked Fujimoto. I thought that the harmonies were great along with the guitar playing, what I could have done without was the war rant about the middle east. I’m against the war like just about everybody in this town, but let your songs speak for themselves. Preaching to the choir gets kinda annoying, at least for the choir. Firecracker was a full out country band right from the Nashville song book. Little hint for you folks. Just because your shirt is not tucked in doesn’t mean that you are “Alterna Country” (What ever that means). These guys could have come right off the stage of the Country Music Awards. CCC (Cookie Cutter Country). Out of all of the bands I thought that Colexico had the most going for them and I would like to hear a record of theirs. What I will not do is spend $16 on a record at a show… If you are putting out your own records (ie. taking all the profits of sales) they need to be priced well at the shows. So I will wait til I find them in the used bin to check them out.