September 13, 2007 at 9:54 am | music.

Apple quietly updated their music production software Logic. It is now called Logic Studio and includes the Logic platform as well as Soundtrack 2 and a live component called Mainstage. All this and they dropped the price by half. The whole thing is now $499 (I paid $999 a couple of years ago). I hope they kept all the other components the same. I think there will be a revolt if they get rid of the “Environment” panel.

The bad or good thing about this upgrade is that my old hardware (G4 1.25Ghz bought in 2003) is almost obsolete. It is now the lowest possible machine that can support the new program. I had planned on getting a new computer, but this is the thing that is going to push me over the edge.

I will probable get this when I get my new computer in October.