April 12, 2006 at 7:51 am | music.

I treated myself to some new stuff for my home studio. I have an old Echo Audio Gina PCI card that was making some popping and clicking so I got a Presonus Firebox which so far is kinda having some latency issues that are disappointing. I also replaced my old keyboard controller with an M-Audio Axiom 25 which I am pretty happy with.

I now have a new list of stuff that I need to get rid of including: an old Alesis D4, my old Kaysound keyboard, my USB midiman port (don’t need it since the M-Audio plugs right into the USB port) and then their is my Echo Audio Gina card and break out box, which I may not get rid of just yet since the FireBox is slightly strange to me.

FireBox – Can this really be the way this works? Am I just sensitive to the latency around this piece of equipment? Obviously my old PCI would be faster at this. But I definately didn’t think there would be that much difference. I have not felft comfortable with one track that I have recorded using this box. I followed all their instructions for latency free operation and I am still unsatisfied.