December 4, 2007 at 2:44 pm | blabbing.

I finally found a glitch in my studio system since upgrading. My Native Instruments Kontact install, which I think is kinda old, is totally hosed. The current version that I have will not only “not work” it is the only thing that I have found that totally kills Leopard.

Upon launching the APP (It will simple not work as a plugin) it will seem to work normally, but if you try to quit the application it will simple not quit. You cannot “Quit” it, you cannot “Force Quit” it. In fact you cannot even shut down Leopard. The only way to get the application closed and thus regain your computer is to “Reset” (Hold down the power button) your computer.

I’d call that a problem. Lucky for me that Logic Studio comes with a built in sampler that I can use until I figure out what is up with my version of NI Kontact.