February 8, 2004 at 11:56 pm | music.

The Nada Surf show was everything I was hoping for. After a slight pain in the ass taking the bus downtown on the same night as the Chinese new year celebration we got the Great American and we had two nice balcony seats waiting for us. (Due to Alanna’s gimpy leg. It pays to call ahead. ) We had a great view of the stage and could hear everything. We had a nice waitress who brought us food and beer and we were generally in a good mood for the rest of the night.

On the Speakers didn’t disappoint. While I think that need to take their time with their set, play less songs and have a little bit more fun. I was sad to hear that the ex-Creeper Lagoon frontman had moved/started the band to/in southern california. Hey, I know it’s cold in the bay area, but it gets you out of all the music industry bullshit in SoCal. The Long Winters were even better than the last time we saw them. At one point taking an audience member to task for booing and telling him to “Get his sideways baseball cap wearing ass back to indie rock school.” While they might not be as crushingly lonely and sad as Nada Surf they are worth every minute and sometimes a few that you don’t have.

Nada Surf was once again just a breath of freash air. Playing songs from all albums and several new ones that gave me faith that the new album will be on par with the rest. A fun time was had by all. By the way how does that bass player keep those cigarettes in his mouth while he is playing? He may be a little to cool for school.