February 28, 2005 at 12:11 pm | music.

We went to see Nada Surf at the Great American as part of the Noise Pop shindig. As always a great show. Concerning new album material that they played at the show, I was heard to say “I would buy the new record for that song alone!”.

The Golden Republic was fun to see. They came around with Nada Surf like 2 years earlier, when they were called “The People”. Over the 2 years they have not been back to the bay area at all. They are nice folks though.

Velveteen was a surprise. I say that every time that I see them. I say “Who the hell is this?” to which alanna always replies “It’s the Velvet Teen! You dork” Well I say it once more because they sound great and they sound nothing like the last time I saw them. That kid has got some pipes.

I was so dead tired at the show that I thought I would fall over but I still managed to hurt myself even more. I spent the next day in bed, I guess sushi, lack of sleep and lots of beer don’t go together as well as I thought.

It was still a great night.