January 5, 2009 at 11:28 am | blabbing, music, web.

I have to many hard drives. So why did I order another? Good question.

Right now I have 3 computers and an iPhone to keep track of. I have a MAC and a PC that I currently run at work. (I’m in the process of switching) I also have a massive MAC Pro at home. My MAC Pro at home, has the combined emails, files, bookmarks etc. of 5-6 years worth of stuff. If it weren’t for Spotlight I would be toast.

I have photos on all machines, I have duplicate files all over the place. If my iPhone didn’t sych with my computer at home it would be one more headache. Surprisingly, when I look around at other peoples computers and setups, my sloppy digital life is actually not that sloppy. I have lots of applications and data on my home machine but they are, for the most part, kept on my main hard drive. I have an entire other drive that holds my music collection (iTunes) as well as all my music related files (samples, Logic Pro tracks, etc.). I also have a backup drive that is kept up to date with handy scripts in Automator to backup my Documents folder as well as my iTunes music collection.

My work machines are a little more cluttered with files. I have been on the same PC machine for a couple of years so I have lots of random files from doing video compression or downloading huge ZIP files worth of shite so that I can get one file. I am bad at digitally cleaning up afterward myself. I guess its the digital equivalent to stuffing all your toys in your closet when you want to clean up your room. (I have lots of folders on my desktop labeled “Temp” or “Misc”)
Since we have lots of good storage for all our projects at work and we mostly work off our network, my local machine just accumulates weird digital detritus.

So why do I need another hard drive for my machine at home that already has 2 internal hard drives and an external firewire backup?

The answer is simple BFD 2.0

BFD is a super cool, super realistic drum sampling program that I use with my Logic Pro setup. The crazy part is that it comes with 55 GB of samples that will stream from the hard drive. Since I already run my regular audio tracks from a dedicated hard drive and the APP is running from the main hard drive and well storage is cheap i decided that BFD should have its own hard drive as well. Storage is cheap and lord knows I’ll probable fill it up anyway. It may take a me a few more years though.