August 29, 2011 at 8:49 pm | Apple, blabbing, web.

I love Mac stuff, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t go back to Microsoft PCs without a fight, but sometimes the Mac just drives me insane.

My particular ire recently has been the Magic Mouse. When it works its awesome, the weight and the scrolling and all the little things are great. Forget having to have all the quick buttons the feel is great.

But getting it to actually work on a consistent basis is like owning a 1980 Fiat Spyder Veloce. Its great until its not and then its awful. The particular thing that makes the Magic mouse such a pain is the Bluetooth. It seems that since my Mac is older and doesn’t have a built in Bluetooth I am what Apple must think of as an aging user. (I have a Quad Core Inte Xeon Mac Pro with 4GB of RAM). While I wrote that sentence, my mouse has decided to stop working after spending 30 minutes of restarted and Bluetooth re-insertions. The rest of this post will have to be written using my trusty Logitech game mouse. Wow plug it in and it “Just works” how great.

As I was saying, I have a Mac Pro so I went and got a simple little Bluetooth insert that plugs into the USB port. This little plugin USB is fine for connecting anything that you want that is Bluetooth. Anything that is, except for the Apple Magic Mouse.

The little Bluetooth icon shows that my mouse is connected and will even say that the mouse is disconnected with I turn it off. When I turn it on, it connects to the Bluetooth but is basically a paper weight on my desk, while I continue to use the mouse that works. My trusty Logitech.

Here is a little bit of what the “Bluetooth” bug has done for people with Mac’s. This support bug has 23 PAGES of responses.