April 5, 2004 at 6:59 pm | blabbing.

So, I have almost given up on Emagic Logic audio software. How bad the interface and overall “logic” of the product is, is just killing it for me. Although this product is said to be the most stable of the new audio plugin programs I’m not sure that is a good trade off for how maddeningly aggrevating it is.

I got some good advice from the guys down at Robot Speak and they told me what I feared. “Everybody has this problem and we all just put up with it because it’s the most stable platform out right now.” While it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear I was glad that they took the time to talk me down from the ledge.

My dilemma is this: Should I pay the money to upgrade a program that I hate, in the hopes that it will work the way I want it in the higher version or do I cut bait and run. My other audio choice is to get Protools and get the Native Instruments plugins to do what I want. Either way it’s going to be about $600-$800 to get me going again.

I guess I am kinda fucked. Maybe I should just go back to outboard gear.