January 17, 2008 at 4:51 pm | blabbing.

Circles of HellI am still here, in hell. My recent post about trying to buy a Pre-Amp is still an ongoing customer service infinite loop.

1. Order a product
2. Discover product doesn’t have a power supply
3. Return Product
4. Customer service is nice and apologetic offers to reship product with power supply and take money off
5. Customer service forgets to ship product and doesn’t take money off
6. Customer service says this time they will ship the product, Really!

At this point I am giving even odds that they ship me the same box that I sent back to them in the first place.

The key to this issue that I am having is that, when I call the customer service people are not with the warehouse and shipping people. In fact they are in Utah and the warehouse people are in Kansas so they are a good distance from each other. If I could get one customer service person to just go into the warehouse and look at the product on the shelf, they might be able to confirm that the product DOES or DOES NOT have a power supply.

I am through. I just can’t order from these guys anymore. Even if I get my product. This has been 3 weeks and over 10 phones calls and I’m pretty sure I will still not get what I want. Sometimes the savings just doesn’t even out.

How much is your time worth?

Update: Looks like I won’t get the product after all. Now I have an email from the MF saying that the product is back 0rdered. So my past 2 phone calls when they said it was shipping out this week… Were…. ahh exagerations?

Canceled my order with MF and ordered a Universal Audio Solo110 from Sweetwater. As always my rep Jon G. was super responsive and had even sent me emails previously about other mic-pres that would be comparable to the Chameleon Labs.

I did get a nice call from a customer service rep from MF, who was very apologetic about the problems and offered all sorts of nice things to keep my business. If I could have gotten that call earlier in the process it probable would have helped.

Updated Order Steps:
7. Customer Service doesn’t call for a week and then sends an email saying that the product is really backordered
8. I cancel the order
9. Customer service finally calls and asks if they can help me with something else. Maybe a new order!
10. Customer service says that they will credit my Credit Card
11. 2 1/2 weeks later and 2 phone calls later Customer Service has still not credited my credit card
12. Customer service now says that they did not credit back my credit card, they left the money on my account, so that they next time I order I can use it!
13. I inform them that I will never order from them again and that they should give the money back to my credit card.