August 28, 2006 at 6:37 pm | music.

I have been doing a lot of music stuff recently, from recording to writing to getting new stuff for my studio.

I ordered Toontracks EzDrummer to help me do drum stuff. I will let you know how that works out. This will be the 3rd drum related software product that I have purchased for recording. Everything starts with the drums so it has probable the biggest mark on the recording besides the vocal, which is the next thing that I have to tackle.

I went back to organize me songs on my computer last night, and just opening some of those old mixes made me wince. Something tells me I will be revisting those to clear up some lingering issues. As you learn more about doing this kind of stuff it’s inevitable that you would want to go back and correct mistakes that you made earlier.

I also have gone back to using IK Multimedias T-Racks mastering software. I had problem earlier with it working with the hardware that I had, but now that I have updated hardware it seems to be working good.

My next purchase will probable be Universal Audio plugins, but that is something that I need to save up for among other things.