August 10, 2007 at 2:17 am | music.

SCO, the retarded OS folks from Linden Utah, got their day in court but didn’t count on how it ended. Summary judgement against them. Nice.

For a little back story, SCO is a company that was suing IBM for all it could get because it said IBM put part of its UNIX operating system into the open source operating system called Linux. So after 3 years of litigation and SCO unable and unwilling to show IBM what exactly what was copied from one to the other, it turns out SCO doesn’t even own the UNIX source code it was suing to keep out of Linux. Novell owns UNIX and all the source code as well as the Linux distribution SUSE.

So now they lost their lawsuit against Novell and of course since they do not own UNIX they cannot sue IBM for something they do not own. Effectively killing any hope they might have had as a viable company. Great going Darl!

I have been following this story for 3 years, this is super geeky shit.