May 3, 2008 at 5:12 pm | business, web.

Look Ma! This is how much I increased shareholder value!We’re taking our toys and going home
I think everyone in the Sili valley has been holding their breath of late as the big bad MS wolf has been sniffing around Yahoo!s door. But I guess after a little executive foot dragging and some shareholder cold shoulders to their plan Microsoft has given up its bid to acquire Yahoo!. And there was a giant exhale.

Pretty much everyone I talked to thought this was a bad idea and wouldn’t have gotten Microsoft anything but a headache in the end.

Poor Steve
What does this mean for Steve Ballmer? Not really sure, but since taking the helm of MS he has presided over major failures in just about every level of the company.

Search has been an uphill battle against Google. Online services has been nothing but a black hole the sucks profit. The latest rollout of their OS titled “Vista” has been such a dud that most people are specifically asking for the old OS when they buy new machines. The MS MP3 player “Zune” was such an ugly ill conceived brick that they have probable given up all hope of gaining market share to the iPod. In phones they have once again had their milk shake drunk by Apple and its game changing iPhone. Their one bright spot may have been the Xbox which brought them into striking distance of Sony’s Playstation until Nintendo came back from the dead with the Wii, to quickly blow them both out of the water. What was up with Microsoft purchasing Aquantive? (Parent of Avenue A Razorfish) What exactly was that deal about? That one just didn’t even make sense to me. So now add to this list the total waste of goodwill and time that is the failed takeover of Yahoo!

Now what?
If you were a shareholder of Microsoft, and thanks to the magic of index and mutual funds you are and just don’t know it, wouldn’t you be wondering whether there needs to be a change in the old boys club that is the Microsoft executive suite?

Some other failed notables may be Silverlight, Surface or maybe Windows Media Center