July 31, 2015 at 3:19 pm | Apple, Apps.

F**king MOUSE!

If you have been having trouble with your Apple Magic Mouse or keyboard and it has been driving you bonkers like these people. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2217770?tstart=0  You might start to look at the other devices and Apps around you that might be causing the problem.

My Apple Magic Mouse had been working perfectly fine for years when all of a sudden everyone in the office started to have the same problem. People on the internet kept saying it was the “Size of the batteries” or “the battery connectors”. If there was a crazy crackpot way to fix it, I tried it. But it didn’t work and I Knew that it wouldn’t. My reasoning was that this problem was something new since my mouse had been running fine for years before this. Software update?

It drove me CRAZY.

Along comes a knock on the door

It wasn’t until my office neighbor knocked on my door did I figure it out. My neighbor asks if there is a person named “Bob” (name changed to protect the guilty) here. I say he’s not here today but yes, Bob is in my office. They proceed to tell me that Bob’s computer is constantly screwing with their bluetooth mouse and it’s driving them crazy. How can this be? He is not even here.

Turn’s out “Bob” has installed a cool little App that unlocks in login screen when ever he is close by using Bluetooth and proximity. Kinda like this. http://nearlock.me/

What the App is doing is constantly looking for the iPhone App to see if it can unlock the computer. EVEN in sleep mode. Which means that even though “Bob” is not here, his computer is still screwing with everyone’s bluetooth peripherals.