November 2, 2007 at 10:50 am | blabbing.

Leopard boxSo I spent some time last night setting up and installing my new MacPro with Leopard. Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. The only hiccup that I had was using Apples built in data migration tool to transfer my Apps and Docs from my old mac to the new mac. I have two built in hard drives and the migration tool only transfers your main application hard drive. (I use my other hard drive for my iTunes collection and for any music files that I have)

This problem was easy to get around. I just copied the contents of the other hard drive to an external FireWire drive and plugged that into the new machine and copied the files to the new machine. Presto! new working MAC with all my apps and files.

Now comes the hard part. I have to get a new PCIe audio card and Logic Studio and port all my audio stuff over to that