November 15, 2003 at 12:02 am | blabbing.

So my crazy week of jury duty is over. I ended up being a jury foreman on a civil trial between two guys who had a fist fight turned bad (as in pipes and wrenches, bad). It was retarded.

My week otherwise sucked big time. My car got towed from in front of my house. They put a note on my car saying that I should move it, so I did. I moved the car, cleaned off the windows and put a 4-Sale sign on it. I guess that was not enough for the DPT because they decided to tow my car anyway. I mean my car looks a little dirty but it is not abandoned.

So I had to go down to the City tow (7th and Bryant) and spend $200 (Half the value of my car) to get a little piece of paper that would let me walk 6 miles to the tow yard on 22nd and 3rd street. Lovely.

So along with this I had a shit load of work to do.

Yeah this weeks sucked.