September 13, 2006 at 4:23 pm | blabbing.

After seeing some of the new features and stuff that came out of yesterdays Apple thingy (Roadshow, Demo, Meeting, Conference, Media Event, Sitzung), I decided to download the new iTunes 7 player.

OOOOH shiney new blue music icon.

I was pretty impressed with the new user functionality. A nicer layout for the left bar. A cool new jukebox album art layout. Some bug fixes that were pleasing. Like having the Music Library stays in the same place even when you go to other sections of the app and come back to the Library. Nice. Been waiting for that one for a while.

I wanted to try the new “Movies” download section and it was nice and painless. I bought “Hidalgo” a movie from a couple of years ago staring Vigo Mortenson. The download took about an hour and a half on my decent DSL connection. The movie played nice and the experience was a nice extension of the Music player experience.

Time will tell if there are hiden little bugs to drive me crazy.