February 19, 2004 at 11:59 pm | music.

swell.jpgWent to see Swell last night at the Make-Out Room. It was a little crowded but a fun show. It was a CD release for the middle band The Red Thread. Alanna and I argued over whether the singer sounded like Mark Eitzel or Jeff Tweedy but both agreed that they were good. Their CD needs some investigating.

Swell was a bit loud for the small place but it was fun to see them after so many years of listening to their records. Alanna needed a chair in the crowded place and happened to be given a spare seat at a table by 3 nice brothers, one of which was the guitar player for swell, who were fun to talk to.

The new Swell record is available on Beggars.
“Whenever You’re Ready”
[Beggars; 2003]