May 6, 2014 at 10:24 am | Apple, web.

Where exactly is the iOS Simulator when you need it? Do you really need to open Xcode every time in order to just open the simulator? Why can’t you find it in finder or in Spotlight?

Here is a quick time to make the iOS Simulator easier to access.

1. xcode_package_contentsFind Xcode in your Applications folder and right click on the icon. Choose “Show Package Contents” (Apps are nothing more than folders that hide the contents)

2. Find the iOS Simulator App Alias in Contents>Applications and drag this icon to your App bar on your desktop. (An alias of an Alias)


If you haven’t already notice, there is a handy way to debug pages in the iOS simulator that is installed with Xcode.

Once you open iOS Simulator you can then open Safari on your desktop and in the Develop > iPhone Simulator menu your can select the page you want to debug. Super handy!