February 17, 2003 at 7:49 pm | blabbing.

Had some good fun this valentines weekend. Friday night Alanna and I went to a restaurant in the lower Haight called Bloo. This decision was made for us by the fact that every restaurant in a 25 mile radius was filled until 10pm. While I can’t say that Bloo was bad I can say that it was lacking. For more info you can read alanna’s blog.

Saturday night was taken up watchin “Big Night” which is one of the greatest Stanley Tucci films ever. I don’t think you can watch that movie and not come away hungry.

Sunday we went to seee Interpol at the Fillmore. The first band “Mellowdrone” was pretty good, they were 2 guys, one playing guitar and singing and another on drums. I think they were playing to a click track along with bass and other instruments on a DAT. I didn’t mind that much because they were good. If they had another guitar player and a bass player they would be unstoppable. The next band turned out to be “THE WORST BAND IN THE WORLD”. They were called “The Warlocks” yeah, the same name that The Greatful Dead” used when they first started out. I think the name might have something to do with the fact that they have 2 drummers 3 guitars a bass and a keyboard, just like The Dead. I have never been to a show where the fact that the band sucked made me as angry as it did here. Every song that they played was one riff played over and over again. Sometimes with lyrics and sometimes not. As I looked around the stage I realized that all the players could just barely play their instruments. With all the bands that could play they choose these retards?

When Interpol hit the stage it was like the whole crowd had come through a desert to find an 80’s themed water park. These guys were right on the mark. Every song seemed to flow and though they didn’t say that much to sway the crowd they seemed to be on their side anyway. No one seemed to mind all the Joy Division and Smiths references. I’m hooked.