July 7, 2004 at 10:46 am | blabbing.

In stupid news today , Research firm Garner, is now saying that enterprises should ban the use of iPods, USB memory and other Flash memory devices. The theory being that people can use them to bring viruses and malicious code into a corporate network environment.

I think while we are at it I think we should ban the hard drive, the browser, disk drives, cd-roms, and keyboards. Because, I guess people can use those to bring code in as well.

Give it up. If people want to do bad things to your network and they are on the inside, there are millions of ways for them to do it. Especially if they are the ones who are keeping your infrastructure together.

One jackass takes a digital camera to work and copies a file onto the network that brings it down and it’s an emergency. “We should lock down all the desktops. Employees should not even be able to disable their screensavers without a full IT audit.” What about the 10,000 fucking morons a day that click on some phishing email or pop-up or bring in some fuckin Word DOC macro virus. All that bullshit and they want to clamp down on the 99.999999% of the employees who just want to bring pictures in, or listen to music.

People always focus on stupidity prevention and never on education.
Why not take a good look at why people want to fuck up your network?

After Columbine people were all up for banning rock music and video games, but not a lot of people wanted to look into how those kids got the guns and why they were so angry.